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Bassam Makansi 
Administrative Consultancy

Integrated Engineering World

We provide all kinds of management systems and advanced engineering software, warehousing management & Materials Tradment, in addition to providing all engineering consulting services like projects design and preparation of executive drawings according to international codes.

Projects Manager System

Multiplatform System consist of windows and mobile applications with web interface

An integrated management system for consulting companies consisting of a Windows program, a web interface and mobile applications, its main role includes organizing the completion of project phases, distributing tasks and uploading project files to a main server to share with employees and clients.

Engineering Office Programs

We devloped 8 engineering programs which study and design most of the structural buildings members like slabs - beams - cloumns - shear walls - reatining walls - foundations - rafts  , and give full calculation notes and drawings , and export the drawings directly to the Autocad .

The Merchant 2018 

Our newer program which mainly used in the import and export companies and the engineering warehouses where the program manages the materials in terms of buying, selling, storage and consumption, calculating the block of expenses and profits, managing the business transactions and following up the contracts and giving a full report on the company's activity, And classification of each material .


Our comprehensive program which specialized in projects and engineering companies management , it prepares the projects timeline and organizes the company Human resources and the Materials And machines which the company works with . and calculate the projects times and costs needs and the whole company budget .

Software Development 

We are always ready to develope and prepare any program needed by companies or individuals , if you have any thoughts about any program you need please feel free to send it to us and provide us with the required specifications to develop and prepare it as soon as possible and at very reasonable prices .



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